Can someone help pls?

Can someone help pls?

Hi everyone, been to docs as have All symptoms of under active thyroid. He refused to test soi paid for a private test.

I've attached the results but can anyone help, is it enough that my ft4 is down the lower end of normal to make me feel ill. I know I have to sort out my iron and b12. But all my symptoms point to thyroid. Any advice?

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  • Ferritin far too low - the GP may not know how to treat this but show them this anyway.

    Vitamin B12 far too low - please take a copy of your test results and show your GP asap. DO NOT supplement vitamin B12 until you have done this. Also join the Pernicious Anaemia group on health unlocked for further advice.

    Folate - too low should be halfway through range. Your GP won't be interested in this result.

    Vitamin D - too low should be around 100. Your GP won't be interested in this.

  • Your first course of action is to make an urgent (on the day) GP appointment and take a copy of your test results.

    Once you have seen the GP post the results again and report back what the GP has said about your vitamin B12 and ferritin results.

    DO NOT immediately take the supplements the GP has prescribed as often they prescribe junk and/or give the wrong advice.

  • shelleyc1979 For thyroid hormone or properly (your own or synthetic) then all those vitamins and minerals need to be optimal. I agree with Bluebug that you need to discuss these results with your GP. Also, come back and let us know what he prescribes as me!beds can point you on the direction of better supplements.

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