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Back to GP - what they looking for now?

Been back to my g.p today. Yesterday was a particularly bad day with the fatigue.

Despite 5th loading dose of b12 and continued Levo and vitamins being taken I can't cope with the fatigue.

G.p says he will do a 'fancy' blood test which will need to be sent to another hospital to check for other autoimmune diseases.(already know I have hypothyroidism and Hashimotos)

Anyone shed any light on this please? From what I have read these blood tests may show I have an autoimmune disease but won't tell what they are - therefore aren't they pointless?


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Have you been tested for Pernicious Anaemia - may be that this is the test he is talking about - but if the blood was taken during the middle of loading shots the results aren't going to be good.

Another possibility, I think, might be LUPUS.


Yes been tested for PA and negative.

Lupus - I will hav a look, thanks


Hi MzChapperz,

The test for PA, the Intrinsic Factor Test is less than 50% accurate.

Martyn Hooper, the Chairman of PAS was negative for PA twice and on his third test was diagnosed with a positive result.

J 🍀


Have calcium and parathyroid been tested ?


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