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Thyroid ultrasound & Levo

Hi, I've been prescribed Levo as my TSH has finally crossed the magic 5.5 line... I was told by the endo not to start taking it until a thyroid scan is done. This was in July and my scan is not until middle of October. I really would like to start taking it as I know getting to the right dose and symptom improvements takes time. Does taking Levo affect the thyroid gland in a visible way? Anyone knows if this is necessary and what is likely to happen to the gland if thyroxine is supplemented?

Many thanks!

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Taking Levothyroxine can shrink an enlarged or inflammed thyroid gland, goitre and nodules.

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Thank you Clutter! Yes I do have some swelling but never realised there could be such a quick response to thyroxine supplementation. I'll patiently wait for the scan 🙂


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