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Anxiety and hypothyroidism

Made an interesting discovery chatting w my mum the other day. She went to the gp (this must have been in the early 80s) and said she was having anxiety attacks and he tested her thyroid function and that's how she was diagnosed w Hashi's. I found that so surprising.

I doubt he was thinking of GD (we'll never know as I believe he is no longer living). Any other symptoms would have been pretty non-specific like fatigue.

Idk about you but my gp says anxiety is a hypER symptom. (I know it is also an uat thing.) I can't see someone going to the gp w anxiety as their primary symptom and having a tft as a result.

Any thoughts? Anyone here diagnosed - or even tested - due to anxiety/panic attach?

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I went to doctors for years with anxiety and panic attacks (and constipation and having to be constantly on a diet) To be fair my childhood was pretty awful so it's no wonder but despite my grandma having a thyroid condition they kept saying I was within range. Anyhow after talking to the lovely Louise here I went in armed with the info that I needed to convince my doc to reconsider and was allowed a trial of Levo. One of the first things I noticed was my anxiety subside. Not 100% gone as its been with me for 25 years so I don't think I'll ever be free but it's manageable for sure. There's been a couple of occasions since being on NDT (yay) that I've played with the dose and gone overboard but it's a different kind of un easy feeling because it's there for no reason if that makes sense?


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