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Help with results please

Hi everybody,

I started taking Nature Throyd 5 1/2 weeks ago , half a grain and have now been on one grain for about 10 days. I am pleased I have been able to tolerate it, so far, as I had a disaster with T3 in June. I am very ill at the moment, with what my GP has decided is 'chronic fatigue'after being on 75 levo since 2010. The levo seemed to completely stopped working earlier this year. I had 'CFS' in the past, but it disappeared when i started taking levo and seems to have come back but with some different symptoms this time - tingly hands and feet, gritty eyes, huge bags under my eyes. Here are the latest tests:


TSH 1.29 (3.5 - 5.5)

FT3 3.6 (0-75) (Yes the zero is the correct lower number, this is not a typo)

FT4 19.9 (11-22)


TSH .07

T4 16.4

TPO antibodies 51 (0-33) reduced from around 600 when originally diagnosed, thanks to gf diet.


Ferritin 187 (440186). Was 233 in June.

TSH 1.15

FT3 3.8

The FT3 has gone up a bit but so has my TSH. I am not quite sure why that is, as I thought it should be suppressed with NDT.

There has possibly been a very small improvement, but nothing consistent. I wonder when I should be noticing a difference?

I am seeing a doctor of functional medecine next week. Any tips on what questions I should be asking?

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I hope you have success with your functional doctor and I am glad you have had a improvement, so far, with NDT. When beginning NDT you should increase by a small amount about every 2 weeks until you reach an optimum when you feel much better and symptoms resolved.

I shall give you a couple of links which I hope are helpful:-





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