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I belive my doctor is a witch doctor and his second in command is the endro

I have GD my bloods are out of wack . I know we are all different and when I have a low TSH it sends me in to pain , bad pain . I stoped carb last november cuz endro told me to , slowly every sysmtom of over active came back , but i am a slow burner my levels take their time , so when my TSH got to0.03 endro said take 5mgs of carb my t4 was 13 and t3 3.8 any way now my t4 is 11 and t3 3.8 and my tsh is 0.02 so i feel dreadful so much pain , now my doctors answer to this is 'oh right take 10mgs of carb to push your tsh up . I am thinking of just stopping the medication all togather because i feel i am stuck in limbo because of the TSH I no if i stop the carb i will go hyer in time and get medication with a higher tsh , i dont like been told to experiment with carb by my doctor , would you stop the carb , help please wits end

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Unfortunately medicine isn't a precise science which is why people including doctors and scientists get angry with the drug companies over them pushing drugs like statins on everyone as people are very individual biological organisms.

Therefore every time you take a medication or even a vitamin/mineral supplement you are doing an experiment on your body. This includes common medications like ibuprofen, common supplements like vitamin B complex and thyroid medications.

One thing you can do is actually make a chart for yourself with the date, your test results, your medication name, medication dose and your feelings/signs/symptoms. Once you have done the chart for a few does changes take a COPY of it with you to your doctors appointments and when the doctor states change to this dose you can look at the chart and tell them categorically whether that the dose will/won't work for you.

The reason you need the copy is often doctors like the notes, charts etc patients use to keep control of their medications and so will ask you for it.


I am sorry you're not feeling well and I laughed at the description of your doctors.

You do expect them to know how to treat you and improve your health.

I don't have hyperthyroidism and hope someone who does will come along and give some practical advice.

I think hyper is worse than hypo and I hope your body will settle down soon. I am very sorry your body is painful.

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Best title I've ever seen on here!!!!! :)

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