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confused :(


hi everyone

i have recently been to the doctors and had my bloods done, to be told i am border line thyroid!! what do they mean by border line ,as that was all i have been told and iv been left worrying. would this be over or under active thyroid?


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Most likely hypo. And doctors never tell you much because they don't know much themselves.

Border-line - a much over-used expression in the endocrinology - just means over-range but under ten. They like to wait for it to get to ten before they offer treatment.

However, why don't you go back to the doctor and ask for a print-out of your results. It is your legal right to have one under the 1998 Data Protection Act, they cannot refuse. If they ask why you want it, just say for your own personal records - actually, it's none of their business why! Then, post the results on here, with ranges, and we'll be able to tell you more. OK? :)

xxjade90xx in reply to greygoose

thank you greygoose :)

ah right, i see i was told that borderline is usually referred to as under active. so iv been researching as much as i can, but you read so much on the internet you don't know what to believe

i am at the doctors on the 30th to have my bloods done again, so i will post both set of results on here once i receive them.

thanks again :)

greygoose in reply to xxjade90xx

Right, so, when you go back for bloods, make your appointment for as early in the morning as possible - before 9 o'clock. And fast over-night. TSH drops as the day goes on, and after eating, so you want it as high as possible, because will be the most important thing for you doctor. :)

okay thanks a lot

well its at 10.05 in the morning so when do you think would be best time to eat my last meal the day before? also this might sound silly, but has it ever been known to forget things due to thyroid, i am only asking because recently i feel like i am forgetting things, nothing major just little things and its unusual for me .

thanks again greygoose :)

Don't eat/drink (water only) after 10.05pm the night before, so you have 12hrs in between.

okay will do thank you eleanor :)

Also, see if you can get an earlier appointment time. 10am isn't bed, but 8am is better. (Your TSH will be higher then, and it is this that doctors take notice of when thinking about medicating.)

"bad" not "bed"!!!

okay eleanor, i will do thanks so much :)

shawsAdministrator in reply to xxjade90xx

As eleanor says, the earlier the test the better and also, if you are given levothyroxine (thyroid replacement hormones) don't take levo until after your blood test as it can give a false reading.

xxjade90xx in reply to shaws

okay thanks a lot :)

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