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My t4 is 1.9 iv read a lot of posted results and they don't seem to be as low as mine does that mean its going to take forever to sort my dose out. Also I seem to have got bad very quickly I'm confused sore tired I'm losing weight daily and i get short of breath even just playing with my son. I was so hyper as a kid and have always worked hard and weight lifted and been a joker but this seems to be defeating me I don't want to be in bed but it hurts to get up will I ever get me back

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  • JayKanes,

    It's not common to have T4 as low as yours or TSH >100 but patients with results similar to yours often respond better to Levothyroxine and recover better than those with lower TSH and T4 within range. I think you were prescribed 100mcg Levothyroxine which will raise T4 and reduce TSH but it isn't a quick fix. 100mcg will considerably reduce TSH after 6 weeks but it is likely you will require 25mcg dose increases every six to eight weeks until TSH is 1.0 or lower with T4 in the top quadrant of range.

    It took approximately 8 weeks to reduce my TSH from 107.5 to 0.16 and improve my FT4 to half way through range and another couple of months for symptoms to resolve. I was also severely vitamin D deficient and folate deficient. Correcting the deficiencies was helpful in reducing the musculoskeletal pain and shortness of breath. I suggest you ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate which are commonly low/deficient in hypothyroid patients.

  • I will ask I have blood test Friday but my docter seemed to dismiss my symptoms also when I knock anywhere on my body it Raise's up for a few seconds when I showed her it she said she didn't know what it was any thoughts thank you by the way

  • JayKanes,

    Easy bruising is a symptom of hypothyroidism, it, and other symptoms will improve when your thyroid levels improve.


  • Iv always hit the gym can I fight this or will it damage me iv lost 2 stone in a very short period of time I feel like im fading away like its getting on top of me I'm 31 with a young family I should be out with them my wife says she feels bad leaving me home I don't want to bring them down too

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