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Is my supplementation and T4/T3 combination working? Latest blood results, please advice

Posted the results of just T4, ferritin plus B12 last week. Please see what you think of the whole picture. I am on 125 T4 and 10 T3 every day.

Free T3:4.5 (2.60-5.70)

TSH: 0.01 (0.35-5)

FreeT4:15 (9-19)

Calcium: 2.33 (2.20-2.60)

Phosphate:1.26 (0.80-1.50)

Total protein:69 (60-80)

Albumin:41 (35-50)

Globulin:28 (25-42)

Alkaline phosphatase:31 (30-130)

Ferritin: 48 (10-2014)

B12:508 (187.883)

B12:508 (187.883)

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Vitamin D levels?

Very common to be low in D....linked to/causes or caused by autoimmune disease.

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I was low last time so I have been supplementing. Unfortunately my GP or lab forgot to request it!


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