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Is this normal?

Hi everyone. I just received my blood test results & my Mean Cell Volume is above range 102.7 fL & my Red blood cell count is Below range 3.75 10*12/L. Also my B12 result is 332. I had ANA - antibody tests taken last year . They all came back negative apart from Anti - Dna antibody , result <1 iu/mL I'm not sure if thats classed as negative too.

My doctor says it's normal. I'm not convinced as I have a lot of symptoms. Feet turning purple when I sit upright & severe pain in all of my joints. I've been housebound for a year & barely able to leave my bedroom. My symptoms are getting much worse to the point of becoming unbearable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well I'd get on that b12 result, would be good to supplement. Are you on thyroid meds?


Thank you for you reply. I've just started taking B12 supplements. No, I'm not on thyroid meds. What makes you ask?


I think I wondered if you also had thyroid trouble that might be contributing to your problems (a lot of folk seem to have joint pain) and wondered if you were on any/enough thyroid meds.


I'm not sure if I've been tested for Thyroid problems. Do you know what blood tests specifically can rule out any problems for this. I have my GP coming this morning so I'll ask her then. I've developed more symptoms lately. A slight rash across my nose & pleurisy. I'm wondering I may have lupus. But, my inflammatory markers seem to be normal I think.


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