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Hi everyone, I've just joined this group so feel a bit strange asking questions.

Here goes! I've been ill for about two and a half years, symptoms are trembling inside ,loss of strength, feels like I haven't eaten enough and it's caught me up.sometimeso I'm OK for a day or two but it keeps comming I'm running out of energy.the trembling seems to be getting stronger. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Please be kind as I am quite fragile and worried at the moment thanks.

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Have you had your thyroid tested?


The doctors haven't suggested it. How should I go about it please


Ask for them to test your T4, TSH, antibodies, Adrenal function and cortisol would help. I understand that having a Vit D, B12 and iron tested could be useful too. You could Say you wish to rule out physiological reason for your symptoms, maybe ask them if there is anything else they could recommend testing.

I hope you find out what's causing it.

Do you have any similar problems in your family?

Good luck.


All thyroid checks have been done on an earlier test and are all OK. I went through a bad stretch of high anxioty the same time as this started.I learnt to control it and it when away but the sickness remaind. So they gave me more pils and sent me home .


What country are you in?

If you are in the UK - as this site is a UK based one - you may have to fight to get your GP to test your thyroid hormones.

They are more likely to just do a full blood count and if that looks OK then tell you you are making things up.

So if you have any close family e.g. parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts or uncles with any thyroid or other disorders mention it to the doctor. Also tell the doctor if you mainly have been housebound or are inside for long hours as then you can ask for a vitamin D test.

If the doctor refuses to test you then you need to do so privately. Blue Horizon do a thyroid plus 11 finger prick test. You can find their details on on the main website under testing.

Either way these are what you need tested in the beginning TSH, FT4, FT3, vitamin B12, vitamin D, ferritin and folate. Also if possible at the same time get a full blood count and have your blood glucose level tested preferably the HbA1C test. (The NHS will not test FT3 or give you an HbA1C test. Blue Horizon will test thyroid antibodies as well.)

Other markers like cortisol and adrenals don't need to tested until it's confirmed where these are.


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