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Starting Thiroyd update

A few weeks have passed now since the swap from Levothyroxine to Thiroyd (NDT). Still feeling good and the brain fog has certainly improved. I do feel as though I have more energy too. Yes, this could be psychological, but who cares?!! I'm currently taking 1 grain (60mgs) when I wake and a further 1 grain around 6 hours later. However, I do sometimes have a crash of energy in the afternoon and need a sleep!! Any ideas on why? Have a form from my GP to have TSH and T4 checked - not sure how long to wait before I do this. Would also like tests for other things as listed on the private company blood tests, so may just use them instead.

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Ideally you will test TSH, FT4 and FT3 6-8 weeks after starting Thiroyd.

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I'd try taking one daily dose as that may last for the 24 hours.

Usually when starting NDT we do a direct swop from levo. You then increase by a small amount every two weeks until all symptoms are relieved.


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