How much weight can you lose before you have to have a reduction in thyroxine?

Hi I have lost around 2 stone and am not feeling very well. (think its over medication, but I am not sure) Shaky keep waking up and racing pulse, I currently take 175 micrograms of levothyroxine and should obviously go to the doctors, well you all know what they are like on the subject and how much their opinions vary. I dont have a regular doctor at my surgery as they are trying to recruit some more hence my hesitation to go just yet. However I would like your opinions on wether you think it will stabalise or wether weight makes lots of difference. Many thanks.

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  • Well, you can go up and down anyway and what's important is that you feel well, so whether you lose weight or your thyroid suddenly decides to kick in, we may all someday be in the position where we have to reduce.

    How is your resting heart rate? Is your gut a bit overactive?

    You could always just reduce by 25mcg right now and see how you feel in a couple of days. If in a week you're still feeling edgy and racy you could reduce by another 25 every other day. In the meantime you could book in a blood test.

  • I would miss tomorrow's dose and then reduce by 25mcg at least and see how you feel and I'm not medically qualified but you shouldn't feel like you are at present. After about a week and there's no change in your symptoms drop another 25mcg. That will take your dose to 125mcg which may be sufficient.

  • Thank you, I will change my dose and see what happens. My last bloods were done on 10 june and was 2 for tsh so not due to get bloods done again til january 2017. I take 5mg lisinopril but dont think its blood pressure. (130/78 again in june)

  • I hope you get some relief by the change. Sometimes it's difficult to know what to do.

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