Letter from endo

So after my kicking off about my appointment the other day I've had my letter. Couple of things I'm not overly happy with, too much talk about previous CFS which I wish I'd never told him as I'm sure I was just undiagnosed uat and hashis, also he's put that I initially did well on thyroxine? Total rubbish, those words have never been uttered by me!

Anyway, that irritation aside he has requested the following tests:

9am cortisol blood

Rheumatoid factor

Anti nuclear antibody


Serum protein electrophoresis

Fasting glucose

So I guess he's requesting quite a lot. I don't know much about any of them other than glucose so opinions welcome.

Also realised it looks like I have bunions, could this actually be the cause of my toe and ankle pain? If so why hasn't anyone commented when checking me?! Seems logical?

I wanted intrinsic factor too, wonder if I could wangle that.

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  • The reason your bunions haven't been picked up is because medical professionals tend to only relate signs and symptoms to one condition at a time.

    Rheumatoid factor - checking to see if you have rheumatoid arthritis

    Anti nuclear antibody - looking for other autoimmune diseases like lupus

    Serum protein electrophoresis - looking for other diseases including MS

    Immunoglobulin - looking for issues with your antibodies

    cortisol - looking for cushings or addisons

    The aim when medical professionals do a load of tests on you is to prove that you are making things up and there is nothing wrong with you. However when a load of tests were last done on me it proved the opposite....

  • Hmm, well hopeful nothing else will be wrong . He's dismissed my not optimal ferritin, folate, vit d and b12 so that's enough for me to work on. It would be good to rule out these other issues.

    I think you are right though, get them all back as ok then push that I'm depressed instead of cracking on with some t3.....

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