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this Morning. itv lyme

a caller foned in with a high temperate all the time and joint pains etc and wondered if she had lyme, the doctor who answerd mentioned everything but lyme and it was Philip schofield who then askd her- she said- you have had a test and it was negative! how manytimes do we hear this , after knowing how lyme testing needs to be so indepth and western blots and bands and god knows what, the nhs do NOT know how to DO IT RIGHT. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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On the LymeDiseaseUK Twitter feed the CEO of NHS Providers has stated that it's the NHS that makes us proudest to be British.

An angry Lyme patient has retorted by asking if we're proud that we have to go overseas to see competent doctors.

I've been doing battle on an outdoors forum that I use, regularly post up Lyme info and links. The NHS medics on there covered their backs and protected their jobs by implying that it's all in our fluffy little heads. Two of them are GP's. Say no more.

You really couldn't make it up.


oh really--- gimme that forum so I can put my angry pennyworth in! damn cheek if only it was in our heads . and yes it doe s literraly get into our brains and heads- I want all these disbelievers to have lyme for a month at its worst!


Yep, agree with you! Have you seen this, be warned that the home page has a moving image and it made me quite queasy.



How are you doing bluepettals?


not sure cinnamon girl anxiety is thru the roof I cannot control it and have a realbadwater infect and nothing isworking need to ring 111 tonight on doctors orders as I couldn't get in the surgery and the med as made me iller. how are you ?


Oh dear, that sounds miserable. Is the anxiety caused by the infection? I didn't know til I read the book by Richard Horowitz that bladder irritability/issues can be caused by Lyme. Are you getting enough fluids in? Do wonder if this heat has been making symptoms worse, how have you been coping with the hot weather?

I feel grim with overwhelming fatigue partly caused by insufficient sleep/insomnia. Body won't stop swelling, so uncomfortable.


cinnamon girl, did you know cinnamon is meant to be a good healer- I expectlyme is the caus eof most things, thehet don't botherme I stay indoors I am lucky-I feel for the workers on th etrains , civil engineering etc.


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