Does anyone know the costs to the NHS for Mercury Pharma, Cytomel, or Perrigo Lithyronine?

Hello there,

I am going to attempt to convince my Endo/GP to prescribe me Cytomel or Perrigo Liothyronine, but have read previous posters saying the cost of Cytomel or Perrigo was high, but I wonder now, with the recent price rise in Mercury Pharma, if the prices are more comparable (and equally shocking)?


Spoke to a couple of pharmacies today,

Mercury Pharma is £258.20 for 28 x 20mcg = £9.22 per 20mcg

Cytomel £129.62 for 100 x 5 mcg = £5.18 per 20mcg

Cytomel £74.80 for 30 x 25mcg = £2.49 per 25mcg

I will leave this post up just in case anyone is looking for the same information. Thanks for the replies :)

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  • My surgery has written to me today to say that the 40mcgs of T3 they have been prescribing daily(Mercury Pharma)is costing £397.24 for 28 days supply & they will not be prescribing it for me anymore,only thyroxine.

    I now have to see my GP,get an appointment with the endo who prescribed T3(who I have not met)& await the outcome.


    You could print this off and take it along

    Also send it to your MP & Jeremy Hunt ?

  • Perhaps you could ask them to write you a prescription for Cytomel, which is much cheaper. However, it isn't licensed in this country (they import it from America), so they would have to do it on a Named Person Basis.

    Or, buy it from abroad if you really feel it's working for you, you can get it really cheaply from Greece/Cyprus.

  • The copy of the BNF you are able to access online is out of date the current price is:-

    Price: 20 microgram tab, 28=£258.20.

    Tiromel (from Turkey) is marginally better and about 1.5p per tablet.

  • Correct about BNF price quoted being wrong.

    Last I looked, Perrigo (formerly Paddock) and Pfizer Cytomel were something like £600 but that was for 100 tablets, I think. Trouble is, being "specials" there might be additional costs - I don't think pharmacies are expected to do their bit of ordering it for the same fee they get for everything else.

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