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Well,the day has arrived.I have had a letter from my GP practise telling me that my prescription for 40mcgs of T3 is costing them £397.24 for 28 days & as there is currently insufficient evidence to support combination therapy or T3 replacement,I will be put back on thyroxine.(ref British Thyroid Association Executive Commitee)

I am currently taking 55mcgs daily of T3,so will now be funding all my own replacement treatment.

I find it deeply ironic that just as endos are beginning to be more open to prescribing T3,along come venture capitalists who buy the pharmaceutical company & increase the cost of T3 to the NHS astronomically,from an already inflated price.

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Cannot believe it is cheaper for Hypo patients to be on Statins - Anti-depressants - Blood pressure tablets et al instead of T3. Not forgetting all those needless tests at the hospital when all they need is a decent dose of thyroid meds. Would they do this to a diabetic ?

Sorry to read of your situation - maybe time to ask on the forum where many people buy theirs and replies will fly through to you by PM ....


I am already buying my own thanks,to top up.Now I will be paying for it all & won't be costing the NHS anything for thyroxine,either.

I have also bought NDT & am currently doing my second trial of T3 with NDT.

If it wasn't for this forum,I would now be up the proverbial S**T creek without a paddle.TTL for TUK


The NHS doesn't treat type diabetics properly either.

As well as it being well known the NHS advocates a high carb diet for diabetics lots of practices aren't doing the necessary follow up appointments and chiropody referrals. There is also an issue with the type of glucose monitors they will fund. They will happily give diabetics insulin and/or metformin but then lots of them are then left to sort out everything else themselves.

In short if you have a chronic condition don't expect the NHS to help you to stay well, though they will treat you if you are a near death emergency to stay alive.


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