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Hi everyone, I am self diagnosed hashimotos and have been taking Thiroyd - 2 and a quarter now - for about 6 months (I think lol).

I also SI B12 regularly and take B Complex.

For about the last 2 months I have been getting really stiff - mainly back of ankles and sometimes thighs. Often after rest bizarrely. Stiff as board when first get out of bed. It wears off until stop again.

Any ideas please? I did worry I was over medicating but I have no other symptoms (sometimes get palpitations esp after coffee) but resting bp still low as is pulse. Temp - well- also menopausal so all over the place....

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You might need a small increase. Your dose of Thiroyd is about average and I've read that some people take 5 or 6 grains. It is said that 1gr is between 75mcg to 100mcg levo in effect.


Hi Shaws, I've just added the 1/4 in - I think that may be it as get louder heart beats - or so it seems lol. Never had a high TSH like some, highest ever seen it was 5.6 but generally around 3. So assume won't need much meds....not that I really know mind.



Have you had thyroid blood tests since self-medicating? Over medication can cause stiff muscles.


Hi Clutter - no I haven't - financial reasons really but it is my intention to get done asap. Especially as gone gf - want to see if meds have had effect on ABs b4 gf kicks in.

will get them ordered.


Don't know if it will help you but my Mum swears that Magnesium supplements have all but got rid of the stiffness she had when getting up in a morning. She doesn't have thyroid problems but decided to try it after I told her how much it had helped my digestion so finding it helped with other things was a surprising bonus!


Hi Natchap, yes, I'm a great advocate of magnesium - I just need to take more myself! Been increasing my dose - but am rubbish at remembering to take - same as for other supplements....

Has your mum tried epsom salt baths as well?

Heard yesterday - on a wellbeing supplement webinar - about Ease mg transdermal lotion. not tried it though.

thank you for your response.

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Not sure, not recently I don't think. I'll have to have a look at that lotion. My Mum takes so many supplements I'm amazed she doesn't rattle :-D I used to laugh at her..not anymore ;-)


Lol- mine laugh at me too!


I'm also getting pains in fingers....


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