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parathyroid - high calcium two blood tests

Well had blood test at GP for something completely unrelated and they asked me to go back a month later. Turns out high white blood and high calcium (2nd time they did full blood count too).

Never heard of parathroid before but some of the symptoms look very familar to me. Especially the ones about being difficult to deal with from partners point of view lol. I've just known that its not right for a while.

So what happens now? Do I need another test PTH? Or did they do that?

Or it it cut and dried now with high callcium it deffo needs sorting. Im late 40s, overweight so bit concerned that I need to get it sorted if thats it.

For instance, how long will I have to wait in the uk for an operation?

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You'll get more help if you post your parathyroid and calcium results and ranges on

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Very useful app for your phone or tablet

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