Believe it or not, we are about to launch our Xmas card designs for 2016!

Before we do we would like to have a clear out of last year's cards (at least year's prices) and would like to give HU members first dibs! :D

We have the following available. If you are interested please comment with the design and the amount of packs you would like and I will message you to arrange payment. Please note, prices are PLUS p&p.


Christmas Baking - 10 packs

Choir Procession - 21 packs

Robin Friends - 14 packs

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  • I'll have a pack of Christmas Baking cards please :-)

  • I would like a pack of Choir Procession please. Thank you.

  • Can I have two packs of Christmas Baking and one pack of Choir Procession please,

    Thank youx

  • I don't send Christmas cards L, but I will send you the money instead.

    Can you put up a link please so I can ' easily' do that.

    Maybe other members may follow suit.

    J 👍

  • Nice idea Jose651 :)

    One very easy way to give money to Thyroid UK is by using the PayPal Donate Button which can be found on the top right of every page on the main website thyroiduk.org

    Other ways to make a donation are explained on this page thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/donate...

  • Grand, RedApple, Thank you.

    PayPal is it then.

    J 👍

  • Robin Friends x 1 for me please :)

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