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Vitamin D

I was found to be deficient in Vitamin D some time ago and had recent bloods taken the Vitamin D result being 93 - a GP (not my normal one) is suggesting that I now stop the vitamin D as I am sufficiently within range. I have an appointment with my normal GP soon and want to be armed with information should this be suggested. So, do i need to stop the Vitamin D? I have hashimotos, peri menopausal and PND incase this has any baring? Thank you

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I wouldn't stop it. What dose are you on now? In this part of the world we tend to need to supplement and you're currently just about in the right place. You may want to reduce enough so your levels don't continue to rise, but not so much that they drop into your boots again.


Ignore this GP as they know nothing about vitamin D.

The GP should only be telling you to stop if your level is over 150nmol/L, and even then not to stop forever if you were originally deficient.

The probable reason why the GP is saying you don't need to supplement anymore is a financial one if you are not buying your own supplements. For those of us in areas where you have to buy your own supplements if your level is over 20-25nmol/L we aren't told that. Instead in many cases it is admitted that the NHS cannot afford to pay for everyone to be supplemented and tested yearly.

Anyway the standard advice given by all CCGs and healthboards is if someone has been deficient before they need to supplement on a maintenance dose for life unless there circumstances change. As I don't know where you are in the UK to find this for you I can only give you the patient.info information aimed at doctors. (You can print this out and take it to your GP.) Under "management" it states a maintenance dose of 10,000IU weekly should be given once someone is in range.



Personally maintenance dosing is individual as it's depends on weight, whether you go on holiday and sunbathe etc and as your level isn't over 100 I would be taking 2,000IU per day. If it got over 100 then I would cut down.

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What dose are you currently taking for vit D & do you buy it yourself or is it provided by NHS? Most people on here are aiming to get to about 100. Once we reach there, we reduce our dose to maintain this no, but stopping will mean the no drops right down again......


I listened to my GP when my test results showed that I was no longer deficient, and was in range. However, every time I stopped supplementing, I become deficient again. Moral of this story - don't listen to the GP.

I now source my own (better) vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 (which is important if you are taking vitamin D) because the stuff I get offered on prescription isn't a good product.


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