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Further to my previous post/results, my medication has been upped & here are the latest results! Seeing the doctor Wednesday to discuss anything further, any suggestions will be much obliged.....

) bizarrely I found a pack of iron tabs from a few months ago & started taking these straight after Aug blood test & it's come down from 35 to 31!!!!!!

Vit D. - 87 (not sure of ranges yet as didn't pick up my printout til wed) ???? So if anyone knows roughy in the Uk?

I had already mentioned my aches & pains to my doctor & somebody has mention about T3 being low could possibly cause this?

Thanks again in advance xx

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In the UK your vitamin D range depends on where you are. Either way your doctor will say your level is fine as it is above 75nmol/L though in some areas the level is 50nmol/L. recommend you get your level around 100nmol/L.

The doctor will also say your ferritin level is fine as it is above the range. If you aren't absorbing your iron tablets then you may have gut issues so you should consider changing your diet especially if you have Hashimotos. Go gluten free and low carb high fat. Low carb doesn't mean no carb it simply means you cut down refined carbohydrates down to the minimum.

Also take your iron tablets with vitamin C and water 4 hours away from thyroid medicines and 2 hours away from food, drink and other supplements. That way you minimise interactions and increase the chance of absorption as only 20-33% of each iron tablet you take gets absorbed. Your tablets need to contain at least 60mg of iron to be effective.

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Thanks, will be picking up my print out tomorrow so will see what my levels should be and As you said, even if it is really low, if it's within range then I'm ok In their eyes!!!!

I've been on and off iron for a long as I remember and as soon as it gets over 15 they take me off them but not this time, I will be ensuring I will be staying on them for the duration & will be supplementing also with vitamin c. & sorting my b12 xx

I already follow a low carb/highly fat and am healthy as this makes me feel a lot better in myself so after I see my doc wed hopefully things will start looking up finally xxxx

Thankyou again xx


Buy your own iron tablets if they stop prescribing them.

Just go to a pharmacy you don't get your prescriptions from and say the doctor told you to get them as you have low iron as it's cheaper off prescription. Most pharmacists will let you buy them if you tell them this. Alternatively buy them on Amazon as there are pharmacies who sell them on there though you must check the seller is an actual UK pharmacy.

You want to keep your iron level at least 80 but can allow it to go up to 100.

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