We have our winners!

Congratulations to the following people who are the winners of the last two Ali Can SurPrize draws!

MaryF who has chosen a prize of a nice new hair dryer.

Ailsa McKillop who has chosen a lovely resin bird bath.

HUGE congratulations to Ann-Marie from Dumfries for winning the main Ali Can competition.

Ann-Marie guessed that alangardner would collect 5,720 cans in his garden. The actual total was 5,722!! You can't get much closer than that! :D

A MASSIVE thank you to Alan for arranging and funding this competition and thank you to everyone who support Thyroid UK by entering!



5 Replies

  • Congratulations MaryF, AilsaMcKillop and Anne-Marie.

    Thanks for organising the competition alangardner. I hope Anne-Marie wasn't spying on you while you were collecting the cans ;)

  • she would have had to have a powerful drone to get from Dumfries to me to do that .... I hope that she enjoys her winnings that will be winging its way a.s.a.p. -- in time for crissy pressies methinks -- [ or even a personal treat ] ........ 6 smilly faces methinks as well as some much needed funding for tuk . and very welcome from me !!!!!!!.......alan xxx

  • Yes, the last time I won anything it was around 1980, some hideous bath cubes that not only scratched your bottom when actually sitting in the bath, but made me itch for next 24 hours while at the same time surrounding me in a sickly cloud of Lily of the Valley. I was most shocked today to hear this news, naturally I have been hovering over Alan Gardner's house for weeks in a hang glider with high powered military binoculars. MaryF

  • all things come to those that wait ----- even for 36 years !!!!!

  • ps at least i have some hair to dry since being on Nature Thyroid. ha ha etc. MaryF

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