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really overdid things

yesterday we got another settee as ours as had it thanks to the kids jumping on it

anyway i decided to sort my corner ( all my crochet projects and wool ect plus anything else that belonged to me)

well i did most of it and hubby had to take over because i was in so much pain, there is not a single part of me not hurting

it hurts to get up from sitting

ive aged 40 years since yesterday

hurts to walk up the stairs

and to top it off i went to bed with pounding heart rate which kept me up most of the night with anxiety (i had taken 20mg propranolol and 5 mg diazepam....seperate, not sure if it was because i took too much T3 or not 40 in the morning and 20 tea time instead of 10

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I'm sorry you had no replies. I do hope you're feeling better now.


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