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Anyone got pain free ?

Hello Everyone - first off - congratulations for running a very informative and helpful platform. To all the submitter and responders, this forum has helped me so much in just a month or so i've been reading.

I am myself not in pain, my wife is. She has been diagnosed with Hashimotos and Fibro. She has had low ferritin, Vit D, Vit B12, T3 and low magnesium. Each of these are under supplementation.

She has gotten much better in terms of her fatigue level. She's much more active now , than being in bed much of day ( which was the case until 4 months back)

Our current struggle is her pain level. Though she has responded well to the supplementation, with her fatigue level getting better, her pain is still an issue.

My question to the group is - does the pain ( back, spine, lower back, ankles, legs) go away after some time? Or is this something thats always with you?

Is there a certain level of ferritin, vit D, magnesium etc at which one or more of you noticed your pain level gettting better? ( understand its unique for everyone - everyone's optimal level is different - but just the datapoint that it got better, and at what level it got better is something am trying to understand)

thanks everyone !!

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Welcome to the forum, Bobbby.

If your wife's pain is due to low thyroid levels and/or low vitamin/mineral levels it will improve as her levels improve.

I was prescribed loading doses of D3 when vitD was deficient. Hip and knee joint pain improved about 6 weeks later and when I retested 10 weeks after I started supplementing vitD was 107.

As well as supplementing magnesium your wife may find Epsom Salt baths and magnesium oil spray on her legs and feet reduces muscle pain.

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