eye bags and face fillers and looking younger

have you noticed the difference in the face of Theresa May, on Andrew marr today, her eyebags have become much less puffy, and her face is line free and smooth and NO sags, she has deffo done something, apart from being a size 10 now to what she was at a size 14, surely her younger face in not because of insulin injections? she has diabetes type 1.

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Could be improved make-up and hair styling - less bulky hair and better colouring. A good product like Touche Eclat by YSL could sort the eye bags :-)

I did spot the two necklace wrinkles on her neck - and as I read recently that all diabetics should be tested for thyroid - then I think she should join the queue ......

She's just had a massive pay rise so who knows what she can afford to have done.

yes she looks haggard in some pics andnow quite youthful- wonder where she went and who didwhat!

Would we be so bothered if she were a bloke. Don't think so.

Yes, if he'd looked old before and suddenly appeared on TV looking ten years younger! It's not a case of being 'bothered', just lightheartedly curious.

we are not bothered just as elvensays lighthearted curious

Whatever the reason I thought she looked pretty good for her age at the Conference in China this weekend, dressed in red which in itself is a statement colour "don't mess with me"!

idont trust her

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