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and this is why I don't like spiders

there was something similar in the dark unused cupboard that was my sons til he moved and I have only just got round to sorting out junk in there and something like this ran out.. can you imagine my terror-- and now as thi s woman says-- I hope it hasn't bred its blighters in there I do not want to go back in there so perhaps ruthi can come round and go thru the cupboard for me!

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Have to say I am not usually afraid of spiders but think I may try and avoid one of those is I am ever unfortunate enough to come across one ......Hopefully I live too far North for those critters (Wishful thinking perhaps?)

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Look on the bright side : it eats other spiders including the nasty false widows.


Wear boots and stamp hard. Oh, and lemon scented candles might make em sick. Plus - nozzle of vaccuum cleaner, and dog flea killer sprayed in the bag.