have you heard of coffee enamas

my friend has been living in a flat with sewage coming thru the ceiling and has tried to getthe housing assoc. and environmental health involved but no one so far has helped, she got ill and has moved home, she saw my homeopath friend today who has given her some homeopathy for the inhalations of the methane, but also told her to use coffee enemas as her liver is loaded with poisions. she hasn't a computer and doesn't know a reputable firm so can any one help here?

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I've heard of them but never felt the slightest urge to do one/have one.

Instructions here : healthybliss.net/how-to-do-...

nor me sounds horrible.

I prefer to drink my coffee, thank you! lol

No, I have heard of them, and joined a Facebook group that talked about just that. But, I couldn't stomach it for long, because they all posted photos of what came out after the coffee enema! lol

You can find it on Amazon, I believe, if you really want to do it. But there are as many arguments against it as for it.

LOL, I thought it..you said it. x I even thought I wonder if it would work for the doctors who talk out of their backsides .. 'Don't sit down Doc!' you know the one x You are Ace x

lol Thank you. x

PPS greygoose .. should that be decaff do you think? x

What? For drinking or the other thing? I wouldn't drink decaff! Ugh

Definitely the other thing x

lol No, I don't think decaff hits the spot at any point of entry.

So do I greygoose! I prefer to send my coffee the normal way and trust that it will get to the bottom end naturally... Why would anyone actually volunteer to conduct such a god-awful procedure on themselves??? Brrrrrr!!!!

You'd be amazed what some people do to themselves! lol

The first time I did one all sort of strange stuff came out- like pale blobs- you don't get that in a regular enema!

What I would recommend is that if she is not doing enemas already, start with a few salt enemas (I think it's supposed to be a tsp per 500ml but not sure as nowadays I just fling a bunch of) salt in warm water) first, it's essential to get used to the feeling as coffee produces a much stronger reaction than salty water (for me). Start small (500ml to 1l) and slow and make sure the water is body temp (about 37c). Too hot/cold/salty/not salty/fast will just make you want to go immediately. Your body will get used to it over time (i.e. once a week for a few weeks) and gradually stop spasming and then you can work up to 2l enemas and start massaging your tummy. *Remember at the beginning not to plan anything after as you might need to go back to the loo- after a while you kinda know how long it takes for your body to process it.

At this point you're ready for the coffee! Follow instructions on the internet (I do mine wrong with boiled coffee- same amount you would put in per cup but rolling boiled for about 20 minutes then strained and salt as above but that's the way my body prefers it) and for me, it's better to do a salt enema first (or a day before), coffee (holding as long as possible!) and a small salt one afterwards to flush. I don't think you need to work your way up to coffee enemas but as I said the first time was really something and I would be petrified if I haven't been doing enemas for months before hand! A coffee enema is pretty much a whole day affair so leave plenty of time for it, eat gentle and clean and really just spend time to chill out.

You can get a bog standard enema bag from amazon or big pharmacies (there are special metal tins as well but they are well expensive.) and the coffee is supposed to be *special* by a brand called Wilsons (http://sawilsons.com/) but can get away in a pinch with organic. The salt should be sea or himalayan and ideally if you want to be perfect, warmed spring/ mineral water instead of tap.

Not so much in the UK, but there are a ton of one stop online shops selling coffee and the metal tin etc. in the US and Canada.

I like enemas but as they say, there are lots of pros and cons so it's a pretty personal (and icky subject). They do make me feel clean inside though!

thanks fo r that- as I am the one with the p.c. and she has gone home to Walton on the naze, and doesn't have a computer, I am tasked with finding a reputable kit- I found that cancer care was talking about gerson therapy and enemas bu the nurse said we don't thinkpeople should do it as its dangerous-- she willfind it hard as she is 70 and a bit arthritic, I wondered if there was a clinic inwalton on the naze she could go to and getthemto do it- I found a clininc in Colchester but its a fair way to travel..

If she is 70 and arthritic, it will be hard for her as the easiest and cleanest way is to do it on the bathroom floor lying on a towel- you also might have to get up quickly. She might also have trouble with insertion as the first few times you might want to see as well as feel (and the insertion itself can be a little of a stretch) so overall a clinic that does colonic irrigation might be a better bet for her. Some colonic irrigation system is "open" (in my opinion is a bit gross) but it would mean she doesn't need to hold the water in or move around if she needs the bathroom.

There's nothing dangerous about enemas as long as you're careful and know what you're doing. It's exactly the same fear people has about nasal irrigation- yes, it can be dangerous if you don't think and start forcing the water through your body (which entirely misses the point- it's a gentle process), especially when it's not clean or at the right saline level, or doing it too often (can affect intestinal flora) but overall it's a very safe process.

she isnt going to attempt it- I have found a colonic clininc in Colchester, it will take her about an hour travel but I suggested a cheapo b and b near the clinic for the night.

BTW she could also try the Holford's liver cleanse? It's a super gentle dietary detox (it's not even a diet) which essentially cuts out gluten, dairy, meat, caffeine and alcohol. Of all the cleanses I've tried, this one (and the occasional juice cleanse if I've really been overindulging) is the one that works even if you don't do all the juices and supplements he recommends. You never feel hungry or hard done by on it!


You can buy an enema bag (not a bulb thingy) (borrow a computer and find a firm that also has phone ordering) or try a medical supplies shop. Ideally you want organic ground coffee. It's a retention enema. Homeopath should be able to give recipe - easy to find on the web and print out for friend. Also needed, old bath towels to lie on + plastic if bathroom is carpeted. Lubricant. Good book or mp3 player.

thanks angel

I'm in that group too. I can't get on with them at all!

The Gerson therapy coffee enema is the same thing, but honestly, its a big undertaking. You definitely need to start of learning with a salt enema, and I never got past that. Its a huge faff. Make your coffee, let it cool down to exactly the right temperature, get down on the bathroom floor and mess around - then if you are me its a rush to get back up and on to the loo!!! No way in a million years could I hold on for the 15 minutes they say!

The coffee is much more dilute than what you would drink, by the way!

A normal colonic will work in a similar way, and the therapist should use herbs or possibly even coffee. There is little or no evidence that enemas work, except if you are totally bunged up or need to be completely clean inside for a colonoscopy. Your friend should drink loads (of water) and make sure, using something like fybogel, that she is not constipated.

Coffee enemas are actually recommended in The Merck Manual, up until 1963 (the doctor's bible) Tenth edition, page 1755. Also suggested are using 1oz of whisky added to an isotonic saline solution !! - take your choice:-)

allbeyond me I am afraid, I toldmy friend togo to a clinic.

Google Gerson properly to find out why he lost his licence to practise medicine! Coffee enemas? IMHO, no no no. As valid thinking as abusive parents giving their poor children bleach enemas to "cure" autism. Just my opinion...

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