We are looking for native English speakers who would like to participate in this research project. For the purpose of this study we need both healthy individuals and those who are suffering from Hashimoto thyroiditis. This research project aim is to test the hypothesis that it is possible to detect Hashimoto thyroiditis through the sounds of the voice.

What do you need?

A quiet space with no background noise where you will not be disturbed for 10-15 minutes

The text material 'Who’s more important' (can be downloaded on the website)

Time to practice reading aloud and becoming acquainted with the text

Mobile phone or other equipment for a quality digital audio recording

What is expected from you?

Please, read the text over and over to become comfortable with all of the words and phrasing. Take your time, read the text as many times as necessary. There’s no need to rush. Once you have practiced reading aloud, and feel that there are no surprises, and the words flow out as best they can, record your audio sample. Send your audio mp3 recording to: info@hashimoto.help and indicate if you are suffering from Hashimoto thyroiditis or other autoimmune disease.

What happens with your data? Data will be kept strictly confidential. No one will get access to your recording. Findings will only be reported in aggregated form.

What are your benefits?

In return for your participation, you will receive a report with our research findings. The new insights are going to be used for the further development of programs in help people suffering from Hashimoto.

You'll get 30 % off the training 'Hashimoto's heart'.

Thank you!

TUK has given permission.

2 Replies

  • Too old for fancy MP3 players .No recording devices .I can say that before i was diagnosed I was speaking at a public inquiry and realised I did not recognise my own voice .

  • Dear Treepie, thank you for sharing. If you are interested to support this research project, I can give you a zoom call. Than you need just your computer and internet. Let me know. Thank you!

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