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Small victory

Went to see a lovely rheumatologist at QMH Roehampton on 22/8.

She asked me 2 questions about how I was feeling and then said "

Have they tried you on a higher dose of levothyroxine ? "

I nearly fell off my chair! It's what I have been asking for for yonks - especially since Clutter said it might be the answer to my problems.

She didn't seem overly concerned about any effects on my heart. Just said your not 85 with a heart condition so you should be fine.

So the Consultant rheumatologist has raised my Levo from 100 to 125 and says I may need 150.

Had lots of bloods done and X Rays for all my various aches and pains.

I go back in about 6 weeks to get the results of those and to see if there is any improvement. Only slight problem is she has only given me 4 weeks worth of 100 + 25 tablets. I might have to break some of my old supply of 100's into 4 --- or can I take another 100 every 4Th day ?

Anyway wanted to share my little bit of success. Hope the higher dose works.

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Both your suggestions are workable - cut 100s into 4, or take an extra 100 every 4th day. So, try them both and see what works. Don't get too hung up on whether your quarter tablets are all the same size, it doesn't really matter in the long run.

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YAY! Congratulations! I love a good news story!!

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