Viral infection/EBV/Hashimoto

Hi. Am new to all of this (2 weeks in) and started on 50mcg Levothyroxine. Trying to get all of this to make sense as I feel ok ish and actually went to my GP about gastro symptoms (which I still have) rather than anything thyroid related. Not got my antibody test back yet and waiting for a scan as I can feel a nodule now but read an article by a guy called Anthony William who talks about hypothyroid and Hashimoto being related to stages of EBV and the symptoms people think are from thyroid are related to the EBV virus more. Has anybody any thoughts? It seems quite interesting about ways of healing your body in relation to EBV. Just wondering. Thanks Jo

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  • I think that's a possibility - but by no means the whole story. Hashi's can be caused by many and varied things. But so many people have their pet theories, and won't entertain any other ideas. As far as I'm concerned, my Hashi's is of unknown origin.

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