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high cortisol and calcium any help please?

hi folks at the moment l have low b12 140pmol self treating low ferritin of 6 doctors iron tablets vit d deficiency doctors tablets, tsh of 2.5 low free t3 and 4 and just taken a private test for calcium which was just above the high range corrected calcium just below high range and cortisol just below highest range anybody with similar symptoms or can help with these my bodies saying something I'm pretty sure of that but don't know what the fatigue is killing me and docs not interested but l know all you guys are, lm 45 and a woman help most appreciated!

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Calcium levels need to be very tightly managed and a result outside normal range needs investigating

Are you taking vitamin D supplements?

High calcium can be caused by taking too high a dose of vitamin D

Especially if the vitamin D was provided by GP, as it probably also has unnecessary calcium in it! (Common cheap one they give out is Adcal - this has calcium and vitamin D)

What exactly you are taking and the dose?

If you are not taking high dose vitamin D, or middling dose Vitamin D with calcium, then ask your GP to check your parathyroid levels.

You can buy an easy to use/understand app that interprets your personal blood calcium tests

They also do good one just for vitamin D -


hi thanks for your reply my calcium was 2.7 range 2.2-2.6, corrected calcium 2.55 range 2.2-2.6, albumin 47.3 range 34-50, and cortisol 532 range 133-537, l am also taking 800 iu a day of vitamin d for a year now my last results 5 months ago were 55 which wasn't overly high l don't really know whether to go back to the docs or not my tsh was 2.5 and free t4 13.97 range 12-22 and free t3 4.51 range 3.1-6.8 lm at a bit of a loss to be honest hate going to the docs they have been so dismissive which is why l joined here l think its great!


Ah - Ok calcium is just in range - probably at high end due to vit D supplement, though as you say level not taking much and level not gone up much (in fact probably not enough)

Lots of us take about 5000IU daily - but you must always check levels regularly especially if on high dose (via City Assay for £28 - or £99 for full thyroid plus eleven at Blue Horizon)

are you also supplementing for low B12? and what about folate levels?

All nutrients are low - are you gluten free?

If not, have you seriously considered trying it, especially if you have hashimoto's

Personally I don't think you are on high enough dose. TSH is too high

How much are you taking

Last thought, do you have low stomach acid?

if so Apple cider vinegar (with mother) or betain or pepsin can help - lots of info on here about this - use search box


hi thans again for your reply l am not taking any thyroid meds as the doctor only tested tsh and said it was fine the other tests were private and l haven't been back as my drs are not very good l am taking 5000mcg b12 and also folic vit c and zinc, l don't have auto immune thyroid conditions or coeliac but just feel something is up especially with the high calcium did you have high calcium? l might look at other tests or just ask the docs at my next meds review, they wouldn't do a calcium or vit c test and both weren't right which is why l always go down the private route, the good old nhs (sometimes)!

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