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Carbimazole dose increase

Hi I was diagnosed hyperthyroid 6 months ago. I started off on 20mg of carbimazole daily and was on that dose for four months until my blood was in range. I was then told to take 10mg daily for one month and to then be on 5mg daily.

Went for a blood test Tuesday as have an endo appointment next week. GP has just phoned me to say that they have received a letter from endo to say they want me to increase my dose and now I'm back to 20mg daily.

Thought I was getting better but now I'm back to stage one 😔

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Don't lose heart. It might just be that they decreased the dose too fast down to 5 mg, in which case you would go hyperthyroid again. Even if you're slightly under-medicated, you'd go hyperthyroid again.


I've titrated down from 20mg a day in April via 15mg , then 7.5 and only now I am on 5 mg as of last week. It stepped down every 4-6weeks. All stable. Suspect you titrated down too quick. Alex


Agree with the other members. I changed down dose every 6-8 weeks and more gradually (although the Endo said I could have dropped quicker, I wanted to keep an eye on my symptoms)


Ok that's good to know that could be the problem was worried as Ive been stressed recently and thought maybe I had pushed myself too far.

Thank you all for your replies 😀


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