A poem to get my feelings out

ist behind this torturous body & mind

Longing to be well , happy, and pain free

Wanting so much to break free from my shackles of destructive thoughts

A gilimpse of hope beckons me slowly to it , I grasp it , it shatters once again into a hundred thousand tiny pieces.

Exhaustion and despair

Confused and bewildered at Health Professionals pushing me away .

Why won't they listen .. Why are they critical when I ask for tests

I want to recover ..

She replies " you need to accept you might not get better"

They think it's all in my mind ..

How foolish of them these extremely intelligent beings being dismissive of patients .. Me thinking how can they ever help anyone when the haven't a clue about their patients ., what hope is there

But I refuse to give up

I want what's best for me and others ..

I carry on regardless .. Through the dense fog of my mind trying to connect with my vocal chords .. To let myself be understood ..

And so it continues

5 Replies

  • Reading This has made me cry as I can relate to every word you wrote from your heart. I find this really meaningful as I can barely string two sentences together that make meaningful sense :)

  • I can write my words down better .. Sending healing your way

  • A great big THANK-YOU to you Dinky99 :))

  • Your not alone I think lots of us on here understand every word. What a lovely way to express how you feel Good luck with the future

  • I can so totally relate !!

    Beautiful poem Dinky . Made me cry too xxxx

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