Where can I buy desiccated thyroid extract without a prescription? Needs to ship to Portugal. PM only

I'm looking for an online supplier that ships either Nature-Throid, WP Thyroid, ERFA, Armour or any equivalent to Portugal without requiring a prescription. A supplier located in the European Union would be preferable since things that come from the outside tend to be intercepted by the customs office.

Please answer by private message. Thank you in advance.

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Can you send to me by PM too?

(Sorry i dont speak english)


I sent private message please check others file

Thanks vicksters

Thank you Vicksters!

Please could you send me a PM too? Thank you!! 💐

Hi do you live in Portugal as its only valid for there? Thanks

Hi, no, I live in Hungary ATM but we are due to go back to the UK next summer. Thanks very much!

Here is the info on pharmacy in Lisbon


They can send it by post when they have the prescription and letter.

But it's cheaper to order from the farmacia in Brussels I think. Both need the prescription!

I didn't do the above but will if there is ever a problem sending to the uk

I will never go back to synthroid..

Hi vicksters,

I need help to get NDT too please. No luck with doc, he said come right off my thyroxin! Because of bloods. TSH was 0.2 .

Have been getting the natural one from Dr. Lowe (Tammy) in US but it's so expensive and now she has said shipping is going up even more and as I'm on my own I'm unable to afford even more. I know somehow I have to be able to afford it to carry on working and functioning.

Any advice gratefully received.


Sent pm


I bought higher nature thyroid support formula off amazon site ..








And all vitamins in i have been on them a week and feeling great ..

I was on 50mcg and they was giving me headache and sore throat im on .2.5mcg now ...

Hope you find some help

thank you Salsybar73

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