Hi I've had a comprehensive blood test done privately and the results have come back differently than the one done for TSH done in hospital when I was sent in from my go with a suspected stroke. The consultant at hospital said my symptoms we're due to hypithyroid and low mood. Anyway then my TSH was 4.73 now it is 2.25 which I see is within rang yay. My FT4 was also done in the private test this was13.5 also within range. I'm quite amazed I've only been taking levothyroxine 50mcg once a day for just over a week at the time of the test. Is my thyroid stabilized? I have many side effects of several medications I'm on worst being vorticostetoids so I still feel absolute crap. But thyroid results improved makes me happy especially as it seems I've dropped a lb or two in weight. Sincerely hope that continues. Anyone else had positive results?

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  • Lbrook Do you have the ranges for the different lots of tests? I'm guessing your private tests have different ranges than the tests done at the hospital and if that's the case they can't be compared. The only way to compare them is by working out how far through the ranges you are (percentage wise).

    I don't want to burst your bubble but there is no way one week's worth of levo will have made much difference. It takes about 6 weeks or so to get the full effect, it builds up. That's why when newly diagnosed and prescribed levo, it's normal to be tested again after 6-8 weeks and a dose adjustment made, then retested again after another 6-8 weeks and another dose adjustment, etc., until on a dose where you feel well. Generally the optimal dose will bring your TSH down to around 1 or even below or wherever it is needed for FT4 and FT3 to be in the upper parts of their ranges.

  • I have a list if tests done with blue crest but not the hospital result apart from being told my result for TSH was 4.73 at the hospital I wasn't given any ranges or anything. I find it all quite mind boggling. Blue Crest results show FT4 13.5 pmol/l TSH 2.25 mlU/l that's my best so far. I've been treated for hyoithyroid for two years plus now. I've not been an active worried until my symptoms got worse a few months ago.

  • Well, you can always ring the hospital lab and ask for the ranges for the tests done.

    As for Blue Crest, if you've paid to have private tests done then they usually come with results given as something like

    (example only)

    TSH - 1.5 (0.27-4.20)

    FT4 - 18 (12-22)

    Do you have anything like that from Blue Crest? If not, ask them for the ranges. There's no way results can be interpreted without ranges.

  • You've been on levo for two years and you are still only on 50 mcg? There's something wrong there.

    Were the two tests with different readings for TSH, done at the same time of day? Because TSH lowers throughout the day, being highest first thing in the morning. It also lowers after eating. So, to be able to compare tests, they have to be done under the same circumstances.

  • Thanks for reply. One test was done after fasting for eight hours so yes I agree that could make a difference. Thanks for highlighting it.

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