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Given up on GP!

Hi! Just been to see my gp and have decided that I'm not going to see him ever again!! After asking him what he thought of my latest results (TSH-1.5. FT4-10.6) he said "Oh good your TSH is down. That's the important thing.We don't take much notice of T4 levels here". I decided there and then that I wasn't going to waste another minute with him. I'm off to find another GP! Wish me luck!!

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Good luck though most GPs male and female are as ignorant.

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Wales1 I know the feeling. Mine's the same but my TSH is suppressed. All she says is 'OVERMEDICATED', regardless of my FT4 and FT3 being in range (with plenty of wiggle room for FT3). Wont consider anything else but TSH. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of changing surgeries, there isn't another one as I live fairly rural. I just take my prescription for Levo and go away and do my own thing. We have to look after ourselves because these doctors don't seem to know enough to care.


There are two Endos at my surgery and when I switched from the stupid one to the good one he asked me, "Why is everyone transferring to me?" I just gave him some BS because he is such a sweet guy, he isn't experienced enough to here the truth: because there is a whole movement out there of empowered, intelligent, informed patients and we don't want any more stupid TSH n T4 docs.

Oh, and Wales1, be prepared to travel to a good doc when it is necessary for you. You might want to buy your doc a book called "Tired Thyroid" by Barbara Laughlin, it is written in a way that docs might appreciate, you just might convert him. And if you don't, be prepared to travel - as far as it takes.


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