Brilliant Endo....At Last! ....Dr Sunil Zachariah

To anyone out there looking for a Endocrinologist who actually gives a damn and adopts a more holistic approach to diagnosing and treating thyroid disease then I can not recommend Dr. Sunil Zachariah highly enough.

He is the first Dr. in the UK whom I actually felt at ease with and confident after seeing that i now stand some chance of being treated properly after going years without being diagnosed.

I saw him in Surrey yesterday morning and upon arrival it was very encouraging to see that he had already reviewed all my history in detail and had plotted on on paper how my bloods have changed etc from test to test with prior Endo.

He spent a good hour with me going through all my symptoms in detail and explained to me in detail exactly how the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, thyroid and adrenals are linked , what each do in the circuit and what failure in the circuit triggers which symptoms and why!

He then also advised that he wanted to do a battery of additional tests and MRI scan to check all my hormones and to rule out any nodules on my pituitary given my prolactin level is high and I have a multi -nodular goitre. In addition he has also suggested a biopsy of the the largest nodule on my thyroid.

Surprisingly he also explained how FT3/4 and TSH bloods can show up within range however if on the lower end in individuals with symptoms (Like myself) then they are hypothyroid and need to be treated accordingly to feel better.

Following this he then went on to explain the various medication options and also explained how T4 medication alone is not always the right option for some patients and they may need T4 and T3 to feel better or just T3. And to top it off he then also talked to me about NDT and how this is a natural option whereas others are synthetic and some people prefer and do better on natural, although not an NHS funded option and there fore patients need to self-fund for this option. He concluded by advising that once the tests/scan results came back and we have a complete picture then we would discuss the best treatment option and he would work with me overtime to ensure I am on the right medication to feel much better.

Music to my ears!!!

I wish the 5 previous combo of GPs/Endo's I have seen had been as thorough and as comprehensive and empathetic to my symptoms and condition as he was.

I hope that by sharing this I spare some of you the frustration I have experienced as newly diagnosed HYPO sufferer.

All the very best


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  • How refreshing Tiamosta and how fabulous that you've found an endo who knows his stuff. Did you get his name from the Thyroid UK list? If not, do let know about him and she can add him to her list of thyroid friendly endos.

    Now where is it again you live, I feel a mass migration coming on :D

  • I actually got his name from a 5yr old post on this site lol ....I did a search on Endos and the post came up from someone who had seen him back then and found him to be good :) so I googled his name and to my pleasant surprise he practices out of gatwick spire hospital in Surrey which is near enough for me to get to.

    This site has become my no1 key resource for trying to understand what was/is going on with me and thanks to both you and Greygoose - you taught me a lot in the absence of any real medical guidance to date so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :))

    Armed with the knowledge you taught me I was able to identify that he knows his stuff and as he went through it I had to smile to myself inside and think yes I know what that means and yes I have heard about that.......I think the pair of you should be 'Drs' SeasideSusie and Greygoose as you no doubt help more people on here than most actual drs!!! :)) xx

  • Clearly private ss an hour appt wouldn't happen on the NHS Kelsam ... Clutter 😉 hoping you are ok

  • Private - sadly as I had lost all and any hope with the NHS.....not sure if he does NHS app too though. I was just soon desperate so bit the bullet!

  • Meant to ask Hippocampal who is Dr P?

  • glad to see he does NHS consults too - everyone deserves access to someone like him. thanks Hippocampal

  • Wow, he sounds amazing!

  • he really was a breath of fresh air!!!! I think I may have embarrassed him somewhat by thanking him so much at the end of the app for actually being so thorough and understanding and enlightening lol :P Either he thought I must be be nuts or put it down to yet another HYPO side-effect....:P

  • I am a 54 year old woman, I was diagnosed 4 years ago after repeated trips to my GP with itchy skin, total exhaustion, falling a sleep at work, my skin felt like tissue paper, hot sweats, my eyebrows started to fall out from the front, my hair went thin, but worst of all was the complete feeling of being totally overwhelmed with everything, I was sent away with anti depressants, steroids for my skin also told the rash/skin thickening on my neck was 'wind burn' in the height of summer. I eventually managed to get a blood test, my GP rang me one evening and told me I had an under active thyroid and she would leave a prescription out for me. I started the tablets and had the yearly blood test, only to be told by the receptionist that 'yes your blood test was ok' Initially I did feel better, my eyebrows grew back my skin, hair and wellbeing improved, however I have not felt great recently my all the above started again, I saw 2 GP's who said 'oh the change' however the last GP agreed to send me to see a specialist, I live in Surrey and went for my NHS appointment at our small local hospital at 7pm, wonderful no need to take time off work, I saw Dr Zachariah, I can only say he is amazing , he listened, he explained everything, he sent me for a detailed blood test, even the nurse was shocked at the length of the form, I returned to him with the results, he told me to gradually up my medication, and explained 'why' and any side affects I might feel, he said I had a severe vitamin D deficiency, which affects your moods/wellbeing and gave me supplements, I am feeling so much better in myself and just relieved that I understand whats happening and why. As I left he made another appointment to see me again.


  • Doesnt it judt make such a difference !!!

  • Tiamosta congrats on the good news and I hate to be a party pooper but I'm under the impression TUK would rather we didn't name doctors here. It sometimes results in unwanted attention for them. I wonder if that old thread somehow slipped through the net. :-) I'm not an admin, this is just a heads-up. :-)

  • Whoops i had noooooo idea !!! I had no idea .....and as i had found the names of a few drs on here with my search I thought it was standard etiquette to share....but can understand how it may not be the wisest thing for the drs!

    Do i need to remove the post and how do i do this?

    Sorry i should probably ask admin....thanks for flagging!

  • Thanks for this post Tiamosta, you're now the third person to say how good Dr Zachariah is. I see one in Kent who was supposed to be brilliant, but doesn't think I ever had a thyroid problem because my blood tests were 'normal' and thinks my suppressed TSH means I'm over dosed! I live much closer to Spire Gatwick so can I ask you - did he mention anything to you about a suppressed TSH being ok if you take NDT or T3? If he did I shall try to see him privately without my GP and other endo knowing - I wonder if that's even possible these days!

  • Sorry Framboie....we did not get into that level of detail as i am not yet on any meds, so focus of his convo was more to educate me on the different types and assure me he would work with me to find the right one for me....

  • Hi Tiamosa, this is the Endo I'm seeing but I am not having your luck! He has completely dismissed my rising TSH and long list of symptoms and has pretty much sent me on my way! Maybe it's me????

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