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Stress and Graves disease

Hi can anyone tell what affect on the body stress has if you suffer from graves disease.For the past month my work has been short staffed so been doing the job of 3 people, and its been so stressful. I feel like I have pushed myself too far.

Last night I only got 2 hours sleep, I'm tearful and my body is itchy (have taken an anti histamine and it seems to of calmed down). Is this a normal reaction to stress or is it because of my graves?

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I am afraid that with any form of thyroid disease your body can only do just so much and no more

Adequate rest and sleep and only doing as much as you can are vital

You simply cannot push your body too far

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Couldn't agree more RFU, as I've just found out myself ! After feeling better than I have done for the last 3 years (better as in not feeling great but not feeling horrendous) after starting a new treatment of Carbimazole Titration instead of B & R. I thought I could tackle much more because I felt I had more get up and go. So as well as looking after my 2 year old grandson for 11 hours every Wednesday since he was 10 months old (which seriously took me until the weekend to recover from) I have driven more, shopped more and done more housework (all things that I hadn't been able to do much of for the last 3 years) and I have seriously slumped !! I feel exhausted and have little energy this weekend !

Another lesson learned the hard way !


Hiya - sounds like you need to slow down! I read and interesting article on stress and Graves (I have Graves) and about how the glands cannot cope with stress well. I am a healthy eater, look after myself but had too much stress in my life and wasn't looking after myself properly. Had just taken on two children from my husbands ex who had some problems and it was all too much :) I stopped eating well, didn't exercise as was on full alert trying to care for two kids from having had none. My mind and body raced for a two years with all he upset and I got ill. Slowly on the mend but had to be careful to do things that calm your mind - meditation etc. It sounds as though you took on too much. Take care of you and your Graves will I hopefully calm down too. Good luck! Xx


Smoking ,shift work ,stress,infection , plus a genetic inheritance and bingo you are stuffed have to b careful to pace yourself


Thanks for the advice everyone 😊 I guess I need to learn how to pace myself. My work can get so stressful at times especially when we are short staffed. I can usually cope with it, just go home feeling a bit tired and recover by the next day, but this time its taken me all weekend to recover and I still don't feel 100%.

As cc said another lesson learnt the hard way!!


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