Why do I not put on weight?

This may sound strange, but I have Hashi's and apart from putting on a few pounds when diagnosed, weight gain has not been an issue. I am struggling with conversion from T4 to T3 at the moment and am unwell. I have a poor appetite and maintaining proper weight is difficult. I understand low weight can impair T4 to T3 conversion so need to keep eating.If my metabolism is slow at the moment, why is my weight not going up?

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Hi Scazzoh,

I had considerable weight loss when I was switched from T3 to Levothyroxine, and it has hardly improved now I take T4+T3. I also have a poor appetite. I was advised to eat frequent small meals to gain weight but just can't manager that much food. I have found protein shakes useful in gaining some weight.

Hi Clutter, I am hoping NDT might improve my appetite, but we'll see. It has only really gone downhill since what I think was a Hashi's flare up earlier this year. I usually enjoy my food. Could you recommend a good brand of protein shake? There are so many and a lot of them seem to contain sugar.

Hi Scazzoh,

I used myprotein.com/sports-nutrit... Vanilla flavour Tastes sweet so it probably has sugar in it.

Thanks, Clutter. I'll give them a go.

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