Please can someone explain this to me...

I'm sure that I have just read that if you don't have graves, you can go into remission?

Is this correct? Does this mean that if you DO have Graves, you will never be in remission? Also, if you don't have Graves, is it only nodules on the thyroid that cause Hyper? Is it possible to be Hyper for non of these things...

Sorry again for so many questions, getting confused :-/

Thank you if anyone can explain how it works!!!

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  • If you type Graves Remission into the top right hand "search Thyroid UK" you will find some posts on that subject !


  • Oh thank you Christine <3 I haven't replied to you yet, as I have been in bed poorly... So sorry x I've surfaced today!

  • Wildpoppy,

    A significant number of Graves patients do have permanent remission but it is estimated that less than 50% of Graves patients will have permanent remission.

    It's only 'hot' nodules which secrete hormone which cause hyperthyroidism. Surgical removal of the 'hot' nodule will reverse hyperthyroidism.

    An inflammation of the thyroid gland can cause transient hyperthyroidism when excess T4 and T3 leak into the blood. The patient is eventually likely to become hypothyroid if the hyperthyroidism is caused by post partum thyroiditis or Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

  • Oh ok, all is clear now thank you... Just trying to retain information when you're not well! Can a virus cause hyperthyroidism??

  • Wildpoppy,

    I know a virus can raise TSH which indicates hypothyroidism but not sure whether it might cause hyperthyroidism.

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