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23 days ago you girls were helping me out with FAT videos/ideas of tackling my female relative, does any one go to slimming world?

and if so, have you had success?, she has been goingfor years, and to me I have no pateience with slimmingworld, because do they EVER consider hormone malfunction or insulin resistance? I wonder what the training consists of, if anyone knows please tell me, I doubt if they mention visceral fat? and I am sure now that this is the problem concerning her non weight loss and I suspect a hormone prob without adoubt.

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I lost three stones with slimming world in 1999 getting to target in february 2000. At this point i was on t4 only, and had been for over 10 years.

Losing the weight is what i blame for losing the ability to convert t4 into t3. This is the point where i had to start researching and using t3.

I am now 5 stones heavier despite eating sensibly and exercising. I have lost weight at various times by doing a 500 cal diet but it goes back on. I have twice returned to Slimming world and it hasnt worked for me. I think my problem might be testosterone excess...... Have ordered tests and will do them next week.

Xx. G


hi G, I am lookinginto so much as I have always been slim, and still in size 10 jeans but I am fat! my weigh increase is odd , I read about visceral fat dr axe. I shallpost it here, I think hormons/insulin/ etc... slimmingworld to me is ok for overeaters but not for hormones stuff.

Reply and thin people can be fat!


Lots off people will lose weight on SW ,but the diet promotes a lot off low fat products which are not healthy for you and sugar free products as well , A heart specialist told my friend that it's better to have full fat milk ,cheese and that France had the lowest rate off heart problems as they use this diet they use full fat in their diet not all this low fat products that have lots off bad stuff in them

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yes agree with that!


If you want to use a diet guide/ counter, I found myfitnesspal quite useful because it allows you to set your own parameters within the "calorie limit" so you can do a low carb high fat diet and it'll "ding" when you go over the carbs instead of fat.

My main problem is i have no self control and eat out way to much! Damn that delicious food!


I am still slimmish except my shape has changed and I ama size bigger grooooannnnnnnnnnnn.. but my family member is way too big- I don't like food but I do like chocolate.


Me too Pettals especially organic milk xx


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