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I'm not sure what to do

I'm laying here in my bedin the middle of the afternoon on a hot day cause I'm very confused. Having g major brain fog. Have been feeling strange last couple days. As it is I can o lkytyoe a few words at a to e a d myfingdrs go numb to where I have to stop. My left arm goes. Umb every time ido anything and the top of my head GPRS. Umb also. It feels like so done has tied something around my through that's cause I g all this pressure in my head. Or like I'm holding my head upside down. I tell myself I can't be ha I g aheadt attack I'm o lh 45 yearso!d. Have to stop typing. Getting dizzy and very tired

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Sorry my post is all scrambled. Having a hard time with coordination


If your left arm is involved I'd say it's a job for A&E.


Your symptoms sound like B12 deficiency, from everything I've read on the subject.

The numbness and tingling is a common neurological symptom and you should ask for a B12 check ASAP. As soon as you've had your blood draw (not until) start a loading dose of 10,000mcg a day. You can't take too much - just get it in you!

Don't take the supplements until AFTER the blood test or your results will come back normal and you won't get correct treatment!

Also get your doctor to check ferritin (iron) and folate (folic acid).

Sorry, I know you have brain fog but this is important to get to grips with. If your iron is low and your B12 is low you should ask for a diagnosis of Pernicious Anemia. This means you can't absorb oral B12 and you must have regular B12 injections.

As you have neurological symptoms you should have loading doses of 3 times a week, then monthly. Do not be fobbed off with 3 monthly injections!

There's a HealthUnlocked group for PA (pernicious anemia) and a very good Facebook group called Pernicious Anemia (PA)/B12 deficiency. Please join both and you'll get good support.

I won't burden you with too much information now, but after you get your results please post them so you can get the proper help.

Good luck!

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