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Hyperactive thyroid and surgery(not on thyroid)


I have just discovered that i am hyperthyroid. I am starting carbinazole and beta blockers today. My t4-63, tsh-<0.02, t3-31. I am due to have an operation under general anaesthetic to remove a lump on my back on 2nd Sept. Can I ask if anyone has been I this situation and is the operation likely to happen. Thanks. Sam

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I think the anaesthetist is likely to delay surgery until FT4 is much lower, around 22-24, and FT3 around 7.0. You could contact the surgeon now to discuss rather than wait for the pre-op tests.

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hi, thanks. I am in the process of chasing them up as I am having problems getting confirmation that the op I happening at all. Letters have gone to other doctors but nothing to me. Typical. Thanks again.


I had surgery under general anaesthetic earlier this year and was told I would have to be euthyroid before it proceeded. Hope this helps.

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