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Hi Everyone,

Ive been having symtoms that are very similar to Overactive Thyroid i had a online thyroid test as my docotr said m TSH was normal, My reults came back as follows.

TSH - 2.08 mIU/L

Free Thyroxine 17.8 pmol/l

I was told these were also normal if this is the case why do i still have symtoms.

I am waiting for a ultrasound on my neck due to a lymph node on the left hand side of my neck which has been there for around 3 years.



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A TSH of 2.08 is more likely to be hypothyroid than hyperthyroid. It shows your gland is struggling to make enough hormone. The FT4 result is meaningless without the range.

However, if you've been having hyper symptoms, and now your TSH shows hypo-ish, it might be a good idea to get your antibodies tested - TPOab, TgAB. Because, if you have Hashi's, you can swing from hypo to hyper and back again. Plus, you can have hyper symptoms when your bloods are normal. And, the antibodies themselves can cause symptoms. :)

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