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New test results, but I feel so betrayed by the promises to test whatever I ask for. Only got TSH and T4

So I guess I am heading towards results getting bad enough to request trialing levo.

I went to bloodtest on Monday I asked TSH, T4, T3, TPOab and Thyglab, I was told by the nurse that one test kit includes it all and this is what I got..

TSH 2.51 (range 0.4-4.00)

T4 11.31 (range 10-21)

I am so mad, I am fuming, I am furious they promised I get it all. I feel so beaten. I should be happy my results are finally this way. My TSH despite all the doubts I had as I had to wake up at 7 and drive 70 kilometers and had the test done at 8.30 was now 2.51 when in June it was 1. But I wanted those freaking antibodies tested as I was borderline in June. T3 probably low as that has been the trend.

I am here preparing writing not so nice email to this private hospital!

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Have you telephoned them to question why only 2 out of 5 tests you ordered, and presumably paid for, have been returned? Samples can usually be held for up to 7 days for further testing so they may be able to do the other tests from the sample they took.


I just got my results 20 minutes ago, I will call them now.

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