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Advice about thyroid problem

Hi, I've had an ongoing thyroid problem (undiagnosed for about 3-4 years now). My latest results were TSH 3.8 (0.35-5mu/L) (varies from 2.8-8.1) and TPOab 180 (0-50iu/mL) (last time was 257). I had my T3 tested in 2015 of 4.6 (3.50-6.50pmol/L) and Free T4 of 13.7 (9-24pmol/L). I've had my thyroid gland ultrasounded which showed a goitre and my neck is swollen and sore. I constantly feel tired, find it difficult to concentrate and am having difficulty losing weight. My doctor says there's nothing wrong and won't do further tests or give me any medication. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....



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You have been v thorough getting all those tests, you clearly already know you have Hashis and your TSH shows your thyroid is beginning to fail as a result and your symptoms fit this too.

Are you g free already?

Have you checked any nutrient levels?

Are you considering self medicating?


Yes that's what I think. No I've had no nutrient levels checked, but I do take multi vits, but yes getting to the stage where i'm considering self medicating, but I'm not really sure where to start.


I recommend finding a new doctor.. It took me 4 doctors before I received the diagnosis I knew I had


You could try a new dr. It's not easy, but people here seem to do it. If your TSH has been as high as 8 no doubt with yr antibodies it will rise again. You could consider building evidence to try to persuade them, your cholesterol levels eg.

If they did treat they wld give u 50 Levo, I've no doubt someone would give you the name of a safe internet source if you posted, should you decide to go down that path. You'd watch your blood pressure and your symptoms carefully and pay for yr own monitoring blood tests. The last bit is expensive, but you know that. You would try that for a month then post results again.

It is a small dose and you would not necessarily feel better, but some people apparently do respond to it.

Multi vits prob aren't helping. You need to know yr specific probs. You could test for D and B12 etc next.


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