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Recovery of hormonal function after surgery??

I have been taking thyroid for about 10 years. First it was bioidentical then it was Armour Thyroid (pork) and now an endo wants me on synthetic thyroid (i.e. T4). However, about one month ago I ended up in the hospital for very low sodium, a pituitary macroadenoma was discovered, and cortisol stim tests showed low ACTH and I have been put on HC (and my father died taking prednisone). Surgery is scheduled. The endo says that 'with a good surgery' I might be able to stop taking the hormones (HC, thyroid, testosterone) while the surgeon says 'you will probably have to take these forever.' I guess surgeons like surgery and I have to have it because of vision issues possibly caused by the tumor.

Just wondering whether anyone has had recovery of pituitary function or hormonal function at all after surgery, either pituitary or otherwise. I am 62 and apparently I have had this thing for 10-15 years.

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Welcome to the forum, Sinker17.

I've searched HU and not found another post about macroadenoma. Pituitary micro and macroadenomas are relatively rare. There is a FAQ in this link you may find helpful

I suppose your pituitary surgeon will have a better idea of how many of his patients require thyroid replacement, testosterone and HC post surgery than your endocrinologist.

I hope everything goes well.


Thanks! That link was very helpful. I realize this might not be the best website for me but got the impression that there are many views 'out there' about the effects of supplementing thyroid on cortisol, etc. etc. Best wishes to all here.


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