what do you think of these results girls

I had a lot done as I am always asleep , tired ache worn out as per usual, but I have just listed some.

testosterone .0.2 range 05 to 2.6

tsh 0.04 0.3 to 5.5

ft4 12.0 10.3 to 24.5

ft3 4.3 3.5 to 6.5

ferritin 153.8 20- 300

esr 25mm hour 1. to 20.

I take 2 grain naturethroid plus a load of other supps vit d and b 12 etc etc

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  • The FT3 is a bit low. Don't understand the testosterone result. Too many decimal points!

  • ithought the ft4 was lo w testosterone is low at 02 range 05 to 2.6

  • Yes, the FT4 is low, but it's bound to be when you're on NDT. FT3 is the important number.

  • really- I didn't know that goosey why would it be low on ndt?

  • Because NDT contains T3 ready-made, so to speak. The body only hangs on to the T4 it needs, and it doesn't need as much when you're taking any form of T3.

  • I think my testosterone is 1.7 but the range is quite different (I'm near the top).

    Agree that your FT3 looks low for someone on NDT, perhaps you need extra T3 as well.

  • Hi bluepettals,

    Maybe you could add a little T3 to your Thyroid meds?

    Some members have done so and it could be, say 6.25 mcg for a couple of months.

    J 🍀

  • yes I could add extra t3 I guess

  • Why not just increase the NDT?

  • Good thinking gg,

    J 👍

  • yes bit bothered about too much t3 tho, an dthinkingof going back to levo and t3 at the moment due to cost

  • You're a long way off too much T3. It's not even mid-range.

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