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Poor reflexes

Hi , I have just got back from seeing a physio as I have been having low back pain that I think is related to my muscles ( they go really tight after any slight exercise) - he tested my reflexes and said they were quite poor- is this common in hypothyroid patients?

I take 75 mg levothyroxine, but have very recently been started on iron tablets as my ferritin and iron was low. I know iron is needed to convert T4 to T3 so wondering if I could be hypo at present.


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Iron can reduce absorption of Levothyroxine so you should be taking them 4 hours apart. Slow reflexes are a sign of hypothyroidism so if it is some time since your last thyroid blood test ask your GP to check.

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I have never heard that slow reflexes are a sign of hypothyroidism. I have no reflexes due to also having CMT1A - peripheral neuropathy.


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